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A new budget XTRA Airways is coming

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A new budget XTRA Airways is coming

The former chief financial officer (CFO) of United Airlines and co-founder of Allegiant Air, Andrew Levy, led a group that acquired XTRA Airways’ AOC in August 2018. He is planning to redesign the carrier into a basic transportation, low-cost scheduled airline.

XTRA had sold most of its fleet to Swift Air (retaining a Boeing 737-400 for its certificate) and now operates under the name of Houston Air Holdings based in Houston. The new reborn airline reportedly raised $125 million in funding for the new venture. It expects to launch scheduled passenger operations in late 2020. Charter operations will likely commence this summer.

The new XTRA Airways (a new name is likely) will soon take delivery of a 189-seat Boeing 737-800 leased from Generic Electric. A new livery (and name?) is expected with this arrival.

The new budget, no-frills airline will operate to mid and large size airports from secondary airports.