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Oman Air is ready to start talking to Airbus

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Oman Air is ready to start talking to Airbus

More bad news for Boeing.

From Reuters:

“Oman Air CEO Abdulaziz Al Raisi plans to hold talks with Airbus if Boeing does not provide a support and recovery plan for its grounded 737 MAX planes before June 17, a statement by the Omani company said on Friday.”

“The grounding of the 737 MAXs has had a major financial impact on Oman Air,” the statement cited Raisi as saying.

“The airline’s expansion plans for 2019 had been significantly curtailed” and Oman Air “also suffered revenue losses and market share declines,” he added.

The Oman Air CEO said Boeing ‘’promised a recovery and support plan for Oman Air that would be submitted to the airline before the upcoming Paris Airshow starting on 17th June 2019.’’

“If I don’t hear back from Boeing before I arrive at Le Bourget Airport, then I will have to go ahead with my planned business lunch with Airbus at the airshow,” the Oman Air statement cited Raisi as saying.”