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PNR (Passenger Name Record) Statement

ManaAir, LLC, completes the acquisition of ExpressJet Airlines
January 23, 2019
Delta adds new flights from Raleigh/Durham
January 24, 2019

PNR (Passenger Name Record) Statement

Safety and security are the aviation industry’s top priorities. Aviation is a target for cyber criminals and the threat is constantly evolving. Implementing robust IT security measures is the responsibility of all stakeholders across the industry.

As the trade association of the global airline industry, IATA supports and facilitates the creation and management of industry standards, including data exchange relating to PNR (Passenger Name Record) information. These standards enable global data interoperability and efficiency across aviation reservation systems. Regardless of IATA standards, IT security measures must be in place to prevent system attacks and ensure the security of customer data.

Amadeus has confirmed that a vulnerability was exposed in one of their products related to their online reservation system and have since remedied it. The vulnerability was due to a security application issue not specific to aviation. IATA is committed to working with industry stakeholders to ensure passenger information remains secure.