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Ryanair continues to grow in Poland

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September 7, 2018
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Ryanair continues to grow in Poland

Ryanair has launched its biggest ever Summer 2019 schedule, during which it will base 2 new aircraft at Modlin and Krakow, and add 17 new routes, with 210 routes in total, which will deliver 12.5 million customers yearly through Ryanair’s 13 Polish airports next year, as Polish traffic grows 4% in Poland.

Ryanair’s Poland S19 schedule will deliver:

17 new routes including:

– Modlin (4) to Amman, Kiev, Lviv and Marseille

– Bydgoszcz (2) to Glasgow and Kiev

– Gdansk (2) to Barcelona and Kiev

– Krakow (5) to Amman, Bordeaux, Hamburg, Kiev and Lviv

– Poznan (3) to Cork, Kiev and Stockholm

– Wroclaw (1) to Kiev

Ryanair’s charter airline, Ryanair Sun, continues to grow strongly, carrying 700,000 customers in Summer 2018 season while currently negotiating a wider charter program for Summer 2019 with Poland’s leading tour operators.

In other news, Ryanair confirmed it will give a free 10kg checked bag to all 2 million non-priority customers who booked before August 31, 2018, for travel after November 1, 2018, the date when Ryanair introduces its new cheaper 10kg check bag service, and eliminates all free gate bags and related flight delays. All of these 2 million non-priority customers have been advised by email that a free 10kg checked bag has been added to their booking.

In addition, there are approximately 50,000 passengers who booked on/before August 31, 2018 but bought priority boarding (as a separate service) after September 1, 2018 since this new policy was introduced on August 31, 2018. All these passengers have had the €8 cost of their priority boarding refunded but Ryanair will still allow them to travel with priority boarding free of charge.