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Sherry slams govt for ‘auctioning’ PIA’s Ispahani Hangar

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Sherry slams govt for ‘auctioning’ PIA’s Ispahani Hangar

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan People’s Party Parliamentarians (PPPP) Vice President Senator Sherry Rehman slammed the government for auctioning PIA’s Ispahani Hangar and said PIA’s Ispahani Hangar was established in the 70s but it comes as a shock that government has plans to quietly auction it.

“This hangar not only caters to PIA aircraft but also provides facilities to foreign airlines which generates revenue worth of millions,” she said in a statement on Monday. She questioned that did the government not realise that due to this decision, now the airlines would have to pay crores for the maintenance and repair of their aircrafts.

“First it was the Roosevelt Hotel and now Ispahani Hangar, this government is on an asset stripping mission,” she added. She questioned that was there anyone who can take responsibility for what’s being done to our institutions? From Islamabad to Karachi, our state institutions are being sold and privatised by this “incompetent government”. This is only being done to award cronies,” she said.

“The only thing this government has done is to take away opportunities. Instead of giving relief in the pandemic, they are making things difficult for people,” she said.

She said this government is responsible for the downfall of our national flag carrier. She said from the pilots controversy to sacking employees, PIA is being grounded on purpose. “The decision to auction this hangar will not only affect PIA but also the labourers working there,” she said.

Sherry Rehman said that Ispahani Hanger has been functional for more than 3 decades and is the backbone of our airlines. “We reject the government’s decision and will not let this loot sale to take place,” she said.

Meanwhile, the PIA spokesman has clarified the issue regarding the advertisement of Ispahani Hangar at the Quaid-i-Azam International Airport, Karachi. It denied that the arilines was auctioning any of its assets and highlighted that it was merely conducting audit and assessment of its assets like all other commercial entities.

The spokesman said the PIA is conducting an audit of all its assets to restructure its balance sheets, adding that the PIA Ispahani Hangar is one of its big assets and an accurate assessment was needed prior to entering it into the balance sheet. He further said the PIA has not been auctioning any of its assets. The spokesman said the PIA would soon implement operational, administrative and financial reforms.