Swoop is granted its AOC, will start on June 20

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Swoop is granted its AOC, will start on June 20

Swoop on June 12, 2018 was officially granted its air operating certificate (AOC) approval by Transportation Canada. With just over a week to go until Swoop’s inaugural flight from Hamilton, ON to Abbotsford, BC, the coming days are set to be filled with milestone moments for Canada’s first true ultra-low cost airline.

An AOC affirms that a commercial air service complies with detailed and complex aviation regulations, related to:

  • Aircraft airworthiness;
  • Personnel training and licensing;
  • Flight and crew manuals;
  • Base of operations and scheduled points of service.

“Receiving our air operators certificate ticks the last check-box,” said Steven Greenway, President and Chief Executive Officer of Swoop. “We’re immensely proud of the Swoop inflight, maintenance and operations teams for getting us here. And we’re ready for takeoff on June 20.”

Photo: Swoop.

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