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Delta de-icing: Keeping flights moving safely amid winter weather, cold temps

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Delta de-icing: Keeping flights moving safely amid winter weather, cold temps

Delta Air Lines issued this report:

Delta’s de-ice teams are prepped and ready to keep planes moving safely in cities across the eastern U.S., Upper Midwest and Great Lakes regions while a cold front continues pushing east.

As of Tuesday afternoon, the airline canceled approximately 200 flights – with the majority through Atlanta, where a mixed precipitation was anticipated mid-day. Delta does not anticipate any further flight disruptions at the airline’s largest hub in Atlanta, though a waiver remains in effect through Friday.

While the potential for snow in Atlanta diminished through the day Tuesday, cities from the Great Lakes region, mid-Atlantic and up into the Northeast still have opportunity to see extreme temperatures and frozen or mixed precipitation through Wednesday. Delta anticipates normal operations with no planned flight schedule adjustments thanks to the millions Delta invested in de-icing operations, including additional equipment, technology and year-round training for employees across Delta’s network.


Taking care of our employees during extreme temperatures

Safety is always Delta’s top priority, which is why the airline is taking proper steps for employees in the Upper Midwest, where cities are facing the coldest temperatures in a generation.

Delta has been preparing for winter weather across the system for months – especially for employees working outside by gathering hand warmers and extra uniform layers, and offering frequent breaks and hydration stations.

Employees who provide ground handling services who are exposed to the elements have been equipped with a number of personal protective equipment aimed at ensuring their safety. This is the first winter that uniformed employees are sporting the innovative new Zac Posen uniforms designed for sub-zero temperatures with safety and comfort in mind. Uniform pieces include winter hats, insulated gloves, three-layered winter jackets and more to help employees stay warm during the plunging temps.