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Finnair cancels 41 flights to prepare for expected heavy snowfall in Helsinki on January 17

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Finnair cancels 41 flights to prepare for expected heavy snowfall in Helsinki on January 17

Finnair has made this announcement:

Heavy snowfall is expected to cause limitations to air traffic and to slow down apron operations at Helsinki Airport on Jan 17. Finnair cancels several flights to ensure as smooth as possible operations in the challenging circumstances. In addition, delays are expected.

“We are following the situation closely and do our best to minimize the impacts of the difficult weather conditions on our customers. By cancelling some flights already now we aim to ensure smoother traffic tomorrow, and get all our customers to their destinations. We apologize for the inconvenience the cancellations may cause to our customers”, says Jaakko Schildt, Chief Operating Officer, Finnair.

Finnair has 346 flights on Thursday, and 41 of these are now cancelled.

The following flights are cancelled:

  • Kajaani-Helsinki 17 Jan AY412
  • Copenhagen-Helsinki 17 Jan AY956
  • Helsinki-Copenhagen 17 Jan AY955
  • Stockholm-Helsinki 17 Jan AY834
  • Helsinki-Stockholm 17 Jan AY833
  • Stockholm-Helsinki 17 Jan AY810
  • Helsinki-Stockholm 17 Jan AY809
  • Stockholm-Helsinki 17 Jan AY806
  • Helsinki-Stockholm 17 Jan AY805
  • Moscow-Helsinki 17 Jan AY712
  • Helsinki-Moscow 17 Jan AY711
  • Helsinki-Kittilä 17 Jan AY7023
  • Kittilä-Ivalo 17 Jan AY7023
  • Ivalo-Helsinki 17 Jan AY7023
  • Rovaniemi-Helsinki 17 Jan AY544
  • Helsinki-Rovaniemi 17 Jan AY543
  • Oulu-Helsinki 17 Jan AY434
  • Helsinki-Oulu 17 Jan AY433
  • Helsinki-Kajaani 17 Jan AY411
  • Kuopio-Helsinki 17 Jan AY362
  • Helsinki-Kuopio 17 Jan AY361
  • Joensuu-Helsinki 17 Jan AY344
  • Helsinki-Joensuu 17 Jan AY343
  • Tampere-Helsinki 17 Jan AY266
  • Helsinki-Tampere 17 Jan AY265
  • Turku-Helsinki 17 Jan AY224
  • Helsinki-Turku 17 Jan AY223
  • Paris-Helsinki 17 Jan AY1574
  • Helsinki-Paris 17 Jan AY1573
  • Brussels-Helsinki 17 Jan AY1544
  • Helsinki-Brussels 17 Jan AY1543
  • Stuttgart-Helsinki 17 Jan AY1452
  • Helsinki-Stuttgart 17 Jan AY1451
  • Berlin-Helsinki 17 Jan AY1438
  • Helsinki-Berlin 17 Jan AY1437
  • London-Helsinki 17 Jan AY1342
  • Helsinki-London 17 Jan AY1341
  • Riga-Helsinki 17 Jan AY1074
  • Helsinki-Riga 17 Jan AY1073
  • Shanghai-Helsinki 18 Jan AY088
  • Helsinki-Shanghai 17 Jan AY087

Finnair contacts customers whose flights are disrupted directly via SMS or e-mail. Customers are advised to go to Manage booking on Finnair’s website or Finnair App and check that Finnair has their current contact information.

Customers whose flight is cancelled will be re-routed to their destinations. Re-routing may take time. Finnair will contact customers directly after the re-routing has been finalized. The updated travel plan can also be found via Manage booking on If the flight is cancelled, customers can also choose to change their travel date or apply for full refund for an unused flight ticket.