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Icelandair introduces its Buddy Hotline

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April 10, 2019
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British Airways’ four heritage liveries come together to mark the 50,000th customer flight
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April 10, 2019

Icelandair has made this announcement:

  • 69% of Americans have a desire to get more information first-hand from locals as they believe they have more knowledge than any other source
  • Over one quarter of Americans (27%) feel ‘overwhelmed’ when planning a holiday, due to the amount of sources of reviews and recommendations
  • Over half even feel ‘anxious’ (23%), ‘stressed’ (16%) or ‘confused’ (13%) about what they should and shouldn’t book
  • New Buddy Hotline allows passengers to directly speak to or message an Icelandair Buddy for personal travel advice and recommendations when planning or on their trip
  • All Buddies are Iceland locals and members of the Icelandair team

Transatlantic airline Icelandair has launched its new Buddy Hotline service to connect passengers with Icelandair Buddies for personalized travel recommendations. The service aims to support travelers during or in the planning of their trip by providing trusted advice from locals.

Travelers can directly connect with a Buddy by phone or via an online messenger, to receive the ultimate ‘insider’ advice to make the most of their time away. From where to find the best fish restaurant in town, to where to discover a beautiful hidden spot for a picnic or enjoy a secluded geothermal hot pool, Icelandair’s Buddies will have the answer.

All Buddies are members of the Icelandair team who are knowledgable and passionate about promoting responsible tourism in the country.

A new global study conducted by Icelandair revealed that over one quarter of Americans (27%) feel overwhelmed by the travel planning process, and  52% feel ‘anxious,’ ‘stressed,’ or ‘confused’ about what they should see or do during their trip.

These feelings are further exacerbated with trust in reviews and recommendations at a new low. Research reveals that 71% of Americans are more aware of the existence of fake reviews than five years ago, which has resulted in 82% trusting reviews considerably less.

From discovering hidden gems to experiencing authentic local culture, there is a growing appetite among travelers to explore the ‘real’ location they’re visiting, and 68% of Americans expressed interest in having direct access to local knowledge for a more authentic experience. In addition to seeking advice from locals, many like to feel like a native while in another country, with over one third (36%) eating like a local and 43% shopping locally in an attempt to travel more sustainably.

Bogi Nils Bogason, President & CEO Icelandair Group, comments, “We know travelers are seeking more unique experiences guided by advice from trusted local sources.

“Our new Buddy Hotline service feeds this consumer appetite for ‘insider’ knowledge and is a great fit with our staff who, as Icelanders, have such a passion for warmly welcoming and hosting travelers from across the world.”

The Icelandair Buddies have a diverse range of personal passions and hobbies which will shine through with their advice for passengers.

  • Have an appetite for adventure? Guðlaug, a project manager, loves to get outdoors for a morning hike and can tell you where to enjoy some of Iceland’s breathtaking landscapes
  • In search of authentic Icelandic cuisine? Auður, a travel consultant, has his finger on the pulse of the hottest new spots to eat in town
  • In need of some peace and tranquillity? Sigríður, a flight attendant, is excited to share some of her favorite geothermal pools for passengers to relax and reenergize the Icelandic way
  • Want to immerse yourself in Icelandic culture? Edda, a customer service supervisor, loves to pass on her passion for traditional Icelandic culture, partaking in knitting lopapeysa (a traditional Icelandic sweater) in her spare time

The Buddy Hotline launches today and is available to all Icelandair passengers to enjoy from April 10May 8, 2019. To find out more about Icelandair’s Buddy Hotline and to take advantage by booking now visit